Boys    So I promised gossip on my life so here's the first one. Boys. Everyone gets that high school crush that they just can't get over, that one person who you compare all your future boyfriends on. Even if they didn't even know how you truly felt you still knew. Well I have that person, his name is Eric(all names changed) and I was in love with him. I never told him how I felt and therefore I never really knew how he felt but at the time, the thought of telling him my true feelings was just to scary to even contemplate. We spoke of course, over text every night but not in person that much, that's when we gradually drifted apart. I still miss talking to him sometimes but that's good, because it means I had something worth missing. But I've compared everyone I've liked since against him, there's a boy right now who I'm into(who also doesn't know) called Benjamin but I'll tell you more about him another time..

 Do you obey your parents?

I’m writing to the teenagers out there when I ask, do you obey your parents? I’m asking because today in English class my teacher asked me the same question and I found the answer much more difficult than I thought it would be. There’s two sides really, there’s the obvious yes when your parents tell you to not go and buy some crack from the guy across the street but then if your parents won’t let you go out for no reason then why listen? Sure, they may just be trying to protect you but from what? I personally think it’s a lot harder to ignore your parents orders than it should be. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe everyone else just does what they want without caring about the consequences. That’s what being young is all about, isn’t it? Doing what you want. Maybe that’s what I’ll do for awhile and let you guys know how it goes. 

Feel free to let me know what you think below.

Teenage Life

I’m a teenager. I’m supposed to be out all hours, partying hard, doing what I want…no. If you really believe that then you’re an idiot, teenagers have exams and revision and overprotective parents who are scared that they are going to go out one night and never come back. That’s what my life is like at the moment anyway. So there have been stabbings and fights where I live recently that have stopped people like me who just want to have fun from going out. It’s not like I don’t know the danger of going out when people are doing that but it’s not like we don’t know who they are. Everyone does. The police are trying to stop them but how can they when they can’t understand what a teenager in a gang is thinking, there’s so much peer pressure it’s unreal. They only strike at events, that’s one thing that is clear. But for the next event I’m just going to go out, even when my parents (overprotective^^) tell me I can’t. It’s like, what’s the point of hiding when you don’t even know if it’s worth hiding from? Hiding is cowardly anyway and I’m no coward.

Starting Out

Okay guys, so here we go, my first post. I feel that blogs are never truthful, they’re exaggerated or just full of lies really. I don’t want to be one of those bloggers. So everything I write on here will be the truth, but honestly I don’t want this to follow me around in my real life so it’s going to be anonymous for now..I don’t know how this is going to turn out or if I’m even going to carry on with it but for now this is going to be a blog about my life-or Skylar Hardwick’s anyway.